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Just when I needed some motivation to get back on track, I found this picture. This was me about 4-5 years ago. I cannot and will not let this happen again. Focused on me!

Reality check!

Durante mi lucha contra la báscula me pregunte varias veces porque nadie se atrevía a decirme que debía quererme un poco más y bajar de peso. Al final llegue a la conclusión que no iban a decirme lo que yo ya sabía. Ahora que no estoy enfocada en mi y que estoy tambaleando me encontré a un “atrevido” en el camino. Hace cuatro días después de la inauguración del nuestro nuevo estudio se llevo a acabo esta conversación entre Jomari y yo mientras caminábamos al estudio.

Jomari: “Como que no vas muy bien con la dieta”
Yo: no
Jomari: ¿y lo sabes verdad?
Yo: Si (Ouch! Pensé) De inmediato cambie el tema.

¡Claro que lo se! He subido de peso por primera vez en dos años. Sé que sí no me cuido corro peligro de subir más y no puedo permitirlo.

Ese día Jomari reto a nuestras televidentes a perder 20 libras y al día siguiente el “atrevido” me reto públicamente en Twitter.

Acepte el reto porque se que es por mi bien.

No puedo echar a perder años de esfuerzo. Yo ya le había perdido el miedo a la báscula pero este fin de semana me enfrentare nuevamente ella. Y digo enfrentar porque al igual que Jomari la báscula no miente.

Focused on me!

    It is sad that we live in a society where no one does nothing when two men insult and verbally attack a woman. Lucky for me, I know how to stick up for myself, but the more I think about it, I can’t believe no one said or did anything.

     I won’t go into details about the unfortunate incident because at the end of each day, I try and let go of anything negative. I choose to focus on the positive because I believe that even in negative situations something positive always comes out. Today the positive came from the cute waiter that asked me if I needed a hug when he saw me crying after the incident. I said yes, not because he was good looking, but because he sincerely wanted to give me a hug to try and make me feel better.

     I don’t mean to alarm everyone. I am ok and stronger than ever. I am just not sure I want to keep telling the story over and over again because those fools don’t deserve the attention. On the other hand, the hug story is definitely one worth sharing.

For me it is not about looking good it is about looking healthy.

You live and learn … and you keep living

It is all in the mind! We all need to discover the power of our minds and be the best that we can be!

I went to visit my friend who just had a baby today in the hospital today.   I gave the security guard my id and he printed out this pass for me.

I had to look at the picture twice. Who is that in the picture?  

That was me on January 1, 2010,  the day I went to visit my other friend who gave birth at that same hospital. The next time I go to that hospital, I need to make sure to ask them to take another picture and update my file. Even though, I cringed when I saw it seeing this picture today was definitely a “wake up call”.

It is time to get back on track. I haven’t reached my goal yet and still have a lot of work to do.    Instead of throwing the pass away, I am framing it so that I can see it on those days when I feel lazy and lack motivation.   

Somewhere along the line I pressed the pause button. I am searching for the play button. Hitting rewind isn’t an option.

If I can do it so can you! There is no better feeling in the world than crossing a finish line.  I have participated in several marathons (5k, 10k, 13.1 miles) and every single time I cross the finish line I feel like I achieved the impossible.   If you think that marathons are only for runners, you are WRONG!  I am a walker!  I was finally training to run a half marathon when I fell and hurt my knee.  I was hoping to start running again soon but my knee is still giving me trouble.  That isn’t going to stop me because I can still walk!

Tip:  Look for a running/walking training group in your community.  (yes, you should train if you are a walker).   I signed up with a great group three years in a row. It was inexpensive,  the coaches were amazing,  and met a lot of great people.    16 weeks of training sounds like a long time but it really isn’t.   The hardest part is getting up in the morning and walking out the door. Once you do that the rest is a piece of cake!  

P.S. Always get an ok from your doctor 

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